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Disfrutar de una existencia tranquila y libre de dolor es posible a cualquier edad

Talking about phases when working with RESFO is not possible, since the benefits that are had from the first session, and immediately and as a common response to most of the people treated, a state of relaxation, serenity and especially centering to which we are not accustomed. In the days after the first session, and also as a common response of all patients, one feels more liberated from their pain, with more resources to respond to oneself and above all to the event. In general, there is an awareness that allows us to live more freely and with more clarity, acting spontaneously, gradually remitting the signs and symptoms that produce both grief and anxiety.

The results are not instantaneous but most people have changes immediately, especially when getting up from the stretcher, others, however, after a few days. I work with a minimum of between 3 and 6 sessions, and although it is true that regularly one session per month is worked, normally from the first session and the second, we usually schedule them in 15 days depending on the intensity of the condition; the following ones, yes we usually do them on a monthly basis.  

After the treatment, when you reconnect with yourself, becoming a stronger person, having, without a doubt, a new vision of health, the human being and the meaning of life. Recovering the restorative dreams and learning to let go of what does not belong to you, thus improving the state of mind, having a more calm, conscious, serene, free existence and with a greater lucidity.

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