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Norma Leon

I thank God for having put in my life  Resfo, because after the medical opinion,  of three diseases of great pain, such as NEUROPATHY, FIBROMYALGIA and TRIGEMINAL NERVE PAIN, and after looking for alternatives such as  acupuncture magnets  and everything they offered to help me did not give me the desired result, they passed  9 years of a lot of pain, until I went  Mr. Julio Lopez, I began to feel the change, I was discharged two and a half years ago without any pain,  after that, I have come  3 or 4 sessions  only, and  I feel incredible to be able to live  without  those pains that had me incapacitated.  Thank you God, thank you Resfo, thank you Julio.

Norma Leon

I thank God for having put in my life  Resfo, because after the medical opinion,  of three diseases of great pain, such as NEUROPATHY, FIBROMYALGIA and TRIGEMINAL NERVE PAIN, and after looking for alternatives such as  acupuncture magnets  and everything they offered to help me did not give me the desired result, they passed  9 years of a lot of pain, until I went  Mr. Julio Lopez, I began to feel the change, I was discharged two and a half years ago without any pain,  after that, I have come  3 or 4 sessions  only, and  I feel incredible to be able to live  without  those pains that had me incapacitated.  Thank you God, thank you Resfo, thank you Julio.

Francisco Núñez Peña

Lo recomiendo de todo corazón, a mi me funcionó contra la enfermedad llamada miastenis gravis, es un padecimiento de músculos, huesos y vista, es autoinmune ya tengo desde el año 2019 feliz y contento. 21/OCT/2022

Más info:

Good morning, my name is Leobardo López and I am  A person who knows for me the effectiveness of the RESFO treatment, I tell you, the first time I was treated for a severe pain in the neck and toothache at the same time, my feeling of well being was immediate, a total relaxation that after half an hour I did not feel The discomfort, the second time that I needed to resort to RESFO treatment, it was due to a problem in the left shoulder, I could not move it, lift it less, so I started the treatment  and from the first day  relief was  Immediately, let me tell you that it is a sensation of relaxation and a truly incredible energy recharge, I am more than grateful for having found a non-invasive treatment, very noble and that is not opposed to any other medical treatment, if you ask me if I recommend it , I answer that of course I do!  Thanks Julio !!!

I have received the treatment and since 2011 I have stopped smoking 

Lilian Carrasco Faustinos

When I started the Resfo I did not know its scope but it encouraged me to know that it would help me with my anxiety and anguish problems, the biggest of my problems was wanting to control everything around me, I was stressed by the fact that my close ones did not follow the pattern he had built for them; this brought frustration as a consequence,  bad mood and above all frustration, so I expressed it to Julio during the first session.

At the beginning of the sessions I did not realize the change I was achieving in myself, but as we progressed I realized that I was frustrated by an absurdity, that everyone lives their life as they consider it best and that the greatest wear and tear was on it. shoulders from that apprehension.

Now I see my situation from another perspective, I still have a long way to go but thanks to Resfo I realized that this path should not be painful and frustrating, it can be a journey that is enjoyed to the fullest, with falls and stumbles, because In the end we realize that our stay in this world is too short not to let it flow, thank you Julio for the opportunity of a freer life.

Lezly quiroz 

I became interested in the RESFO sessions seeking to alleviate some physical symptoms.

The first session was very relaxing, that day I was  somewhat tense, nervous and had a slight headache, when finished, the discomfort had disappeared and I felt as if I had woken up from a nap.

During the following days, I felt very calm, although my insomnia persisted, later it improved because I found myself wanting to exercise and that made me feel better.  

The most striking thing for me was that after the first session, without realizing it, emotionally I began to feel very calm, at peace, and above all, in those days I was able, after many years, to resolve and say goodbye.  of a person who in the past hurt me a lot, and even though  I wanted to put an end to that toxic relationship,  I always found a justification to keep in touch, but almost as if by "magic art" after the session, I just decided to cut it off and this decision, far from bringing me regret as on previous occasions, made me feel quite liberated.

After three sessions I can say that I still think there are things to solve, but I feel a little more  aware and conclude that RESFO has helped me to realize the need to be more attentive to my emotions.

Lizbeth carrasco 

When I started RESFO therapy I was not sure what the function would be, I just knew that it would make me feel better and help me with my anxiety. I am a very nervous person, I demand too much of myself and if things did not go the way I wanted, I would feel frustrated and angry with myself, and they affected me greatly  the problems of others, who unfortunately lived them as if they were my own.

And so I was, a nervous woman, facing her problems and those of others ... the result? I lived anguished in constant stress, missing small great details that life gives us and anchored to the negative feelings of uncertainty and what cannot be.

This therapy helped me mainly to focus on my life, which is mine and nobody else's, with the responsibilities and challenges that it implies, taking the weight off of the actions of others. My perspective is different now, I understood that by worrying and tormenting myself about situations, I will not solve problems, but by facing them with a cool head and being very clear about my role.

The most valuable thing that I obtained is that I have impregnated my life with love, not seen as a romantic aspect, but what love means, which is to live "without chaos", without chaos in my professional, personal and partner life, coming to live in a pleasant state of harmony, understanding that when the soul is ready, the things that surround us are also ready.

Thanks Julio

Katherine Jaen

The reason I attended RESFO sessions was that since I was 10 years old I have suffered from allergies to dust and pollen, which leads to respiratory problems. They told me about this therapy and told me that it could help me alleviate my problem, so I agreed.

My experience has been completely satisfactory. I did a total of 4 sessions with intervals of 3-4 weeks each. These are short sessions. During the first session, at the end of it, my body felt somewhat heavy and I did not notice any type of improvement. But from the second I was able to experience how, in the middle of spring, it was less difficult for me to breathe and sneezing was no longer so frequent, without the need to go to antihistamine drugs.

Finally, I have to say that although my allergy has not completely disappeared I have noticed a notable improvement, I must also emphasize that RESFO therapy also helped me face life with a different attitude, to understand that the things that happen in my environment Directly they are not the reflection of my interior and to improve them I must learn to make decisions and take risks.

Sandra Cardoso 

For 14 years I have suffered from depression, anxiety and mood swings. Also, a couple of years ago I started to suffer from insomnia. I have been with two different psychologists, with a psychiatrist. I took antidepressants like Prozac for years. I have tried alternative medicine, yoga, and meditation. Nothing worked.  


In January I started the Resfo treatment. In the night after my first session I finally got a full night's sleep, although the effects didn't last until the next session. I had 3 sessions of Resfo and with each session I was noticing that little by little I had less anxiety and I slept better and better and the effects were more stable. In the last session I had he asked me how I felt and without thinking my answer with a smile was "Pretty good, I even have long nails because I haven't bitten them." Today I feel a great balance and balance in my life. I sleep and rest. I think that the improvement that I had with Resfo had not been felt with any other treatment.


I highly recommend it.

Manel Lozano

RESFO treatment, stop smoking.

My name is Manuel, in January I attended a consultation for the first time, I went because I was very anxious; since he was a smoker, he thought that tobacco was something that contributed. Speaking with Dr. Julio we discussed trying the treatment to quit smoking, I had always tried to quit but I had never felt the strength to do it and the treatments that I had tried had not given me results.

We started the session and I have to say that it was better than I expected, the first few days I had the anxiety of smoking, I was restless for three days, I felt “as if I had a packet of cigarettes on the back of my neck” but little by little it disappeared.

What I liked about the RESFO apart from how simple and practical,  is that when I saw other people smoke, it did not cause me any reaction, nor the desire to consume it. With the other methods that I had always tried  I wanted to buy a cigarette ...

Now, even if I see them and be around them, that desire does not come to me, it is true that when I drink a drink I think of a cigarette and I would like to smoke it, but I do not have "the monkey" or the immediate need.

I thank Julio and RESFO, for the alternative since surely if I had not tried the treatment I would continue to smoke, today I have been an ex-smoker for four months, quitting tobacco has given an important change in my life, I feel very well and without a doubt I recommend using RESFO to everyone who wants to quit smoking effectively.

Griselda Castillo

To whom it may concern.


My name is Griselda Castillo, for the last 19 years I have suffered from migraines and  People who suffer from it will know what it is to be with this discomfort from month to month. I've tried everything from traditional medicine, advice from friends, and all kinds of home remedies. Sometimes  I got better but they always came back.  

I have had the great fortune of having met Julio López, who is a great professional dedicated to RESFO. I have to say that at first I did not understand very well what Resfo was and how I could  help. 

In the first session, all he did was place me on a stretcher and place his fingers at the level of the clavicle and place on top of me some circles that were constantly changing, then he typed the information into his computer.  


I have to clarify that I am a very busy person and I am always in constant movement. To the  To end the first session, the state of well-being I felt was incredible, I was very, very relaxed and calm, which is very rare for me, since I am always tense. I didn't feel anything weird during the session and we arranged to meet for a second session a month. 

After that month the migraines had decreased only a little, in the second session it was the same technique, I lay down, put his hand near the clavicle and again posed the different circles and typing on his computer. At the end he asked me how I had felt, which clarified that I was very calm and asked myself a question which left me thinking the following month reflecting on it. The following month my migraines had reduced considerably and I went a third time, the theme was the same and then we talked a little about the observation that I had made and we delved into other issues that apparently were the root of my migraines, or at least like that. I felt it. I spent another month meditating on our conversation and during that month my migraines continued to reduce. In the fourth session he told me that he was much better and I really want to tell you that everyone should do Resfo, not only people who suffer from a disease, but everyone who wants to balance the way they feel a bit. Today the migraines have reduced by 90%, without taking any medication, which for me has been a blessing.


Hopefully my testimony helps someone and if someone ever wants me to talk to her to say that this is true, I am at her disposal.


Again Julio, thank you very much for the beautiful work you do, which is  transform lives.

My eternal thanks.


Griselda Castillo

Barcelona, Spain 

0034 658197985 

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