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The Resfo is a fast and simple effective means to definitively free yourself from addictions in this case of tobacco. Ending the need that abstinence produces in a definitive stable way without having to use or take any tobacco substitute, it can be chemical products or food, helping the patient not to have any type of illness or discomfort and above all to get rid of the syndrome of abstinence without anxiety and fear.

The way to act that Resfo has is to restore the cellular epigenetic state that the smoker had before his addiction, regaining the freedom that had been lost.  

The session lasts around 20 min. it is painless, without danger  and of such an effective help, that more than 85% in a single session stop smoking, no product is given to the patient, nor is it connected to any energy source. Likewise, the patient does not have any unpleasant sensations, on the contrary, he is in the first place without the desire to smoke, with a total indifference to tobacco, and with a feeling of relaxation that he was not used to.  

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