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I introduce myself

I am Julio, an anxiety specialist, I work with people who are in processes of anxiety, and I help them to go through this stage and begin to alleviate their discomfort, living a more calm, serene and harmonious existence with the reality of their present moment.

And I do it through a methodology based on the RESFO discipline, indicated as an aid to resolve our discomfort, be it physical, mental or emotional, which allows us to reveal the health that we all have registered in our cells.


Resfo was recommended to me when  passed away  my husband and  after the first  Resfo session, chest pain,  shoulders and head are gone,  he also calmed down  painful emptiness that I had,  besides that I felt very tired and now I don't. Now I live calmer and with a more bearable pain. 


Academic side

Trained in Spain, France, Mexico and the US. Higher studies on philosophy, psychology, and administration. Trained in thanatology, biodecoding, bioneuroemotion, naturopathy, auriculotherapy, auriculomedicine, acupuncture, neurolinguistic programming, coaching, transactional analysis,  holo-energy medicine, disciplines related to psychotherapy.


Also, I studied those techniques / therapies that call themselves energetic, such as kinesiology and reiki; to abandon them all and focus solely on Cellular Reflexology by Photon Stimulation, a discipline that is currently known under the name of RESFO, a practice that I have been practicing for more than fifteen years.

RESFO allows a new and original vision of the origin of diseases and addictions,  providing new complementary resources to medicine, and treating them effectively, being an aid  for all people, whatever their health problems.  When medicine has no action, the use of RESFO is always very useful, since it is totally complementary to academic medicine.

More personal side

  • Born in Barcelona in 1979. I love helping my patients have a healthier life, being more aware of their surroundings and living with a serenity that they were not used to.

  • I have a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Clinical Psychology, although I do not believe that the titles express the qualities of a person.  


  • I am married and the father of two children, and I greatly value being with my family.

  • Since I met the Resfo my life changed completely, it took a 180º turn and I was never the same again.


  • I am passionate about thanatology, I love learning about this discipline, from human experiences to the more scientific side.


  • I really value simple things, minimalism and the essence of getting to the bottom of everything, focusing on the fundamentals of each moment, trying not to forget, that we are here in passing. 

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