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In 1973 the investigation of Dr. Claude Piro and Dr. André Secondy began to find a common point of health of all human beings, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity, ending the investigation after the discovery of the Holo-Energetic Organization Chart in 1985, thus the Holo-Energetic Medicine was born. In 1989 it evolved to Holo-Energetic Methodology or MHE, after the year of the death of Dr. André Secondy. Two years later, the book "Holo-Energetic Methodology. You can choose between LIVING or DIE," written by Dr. Claude Piro.

In 2004 evolution to Cellular Reflexology or REC, for six years later, to evolve Cellular Reflexology by Photon Stimulation or RESFO, likewise, to mention that at some point it was also called ESFO (Photon Stimulation) or Photon Therapy. In 2012: Evolution to RESFO and two years later the last RESFO update was carried out by Dr. Claude Piro.


Two French doctors, Claude Piro and André Secondy, after long and intense experimental work on thousands of people over 12 years, have put in evidence a functional model by photon vibratory resonance. It is a valid model since it is common to all human beings regardless of their age, sex or ethnicity.

​ RESFO uses colored gelatins from the Kodak laboratory, which were isolated in the work of fine-tuning the Holo-Energy Organization Chart. These gelatins are used to modify the photonic environment of the being, in order to detect the disharmonies that exist at the level of cellular functioning. The perception of this reaction is a vibratory phenomenon that is felt at the level of the thumb of the practitioner's left hand placed on the skin of the examined patient. In this way the genome is re-informed of the correct reading that the stimulated active genes must make.

RESFO has highlighted the dual nature of the human being: physical and metaphysical. The harmonization of these two components characterizes Health.

If some astrophysicists and other scientists begin to glimpse that the human being and the Universe are made up of a physical, visible part, and a non-visible part, which we could call "metaphysical", not directly perceptible, then common points can be found with RESFO. It is therefore time to promote its dissemination in order to help change our attitude and find ourselves with a more serene existence both in the medical field and in the social and economic sphere.

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